Hunting Services in Canada

About Us

Autumn Olive Game Preserve was founded in the fall of 1994. After Dan McCallum hunted at a distant game preserve, he evaluated his own property. The original family farm was purchased in 1897. The 250 acre farm had over 100 acres of unproductive land. With two separate ravine systems on the farm that feed into the bordering Thames River of abandoned pastures and hardwood provide excellent and challenging terrain.

With no established game farms nearby, Autumn Olive Game Farm was created. In 1988 the neighbouring 200 acres across the road had over 10000 seedlings planted mostly white pine trees. Along the road a row of Autumn Olive bushes were planted which produce a small red berry which is a favorite of all birds. That’s were the name originates.

The new log cabin club house was built in 2007. The operation has expanded to include whitetail and turkey hunting.

Dan McCallum passed away in 2010 and his son Andrew, has kept operations running and is proud to celebrate 20 years in business.

Going forward, we are locally pursuing coyote and dove hunts as future opportunities. Happy hunting and get out there and enjoy the outdoors.

Between hunts enjoy the use of our clubhouse for complimentary coffee and homemade pie. The season typically runs from late September to late March.